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Below are some example works of the various member studios of the Animation Council.

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F1 race car

MAin prop design used for an AVP project

3rd Person Interactive 3D

Developed for International School Manila, this application features the School Mascot moving around an interactive Virtual 3D model of the school.

3D Architectural Animation

1st Animation Symposium in Baguio

In September 2007, the CORDILLERA SCHOOL OF DIGITAL ARTS, INC. (CSDA) organized and held the first ever animation symposium to be held in Baguio City. The event heralded a new understanding for careers and education for animation in Baguio City,

CSDA is the only animation school in Baguio.

Ateneo de Naga Professor Buboy Pesimo at CSDA

Professor Buboy Pesimo of Ateneo de Naga visits CSDA and encourages the students working on Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalaya.

Si Isko at ang Anino ( Isko & the shadow )

A story from the TUTUBI PATROL animation series

Japanese Flash Animation

Flash Animation for Mobile Phones

Massively Multiplayer Isometric Engine

EACOMM developed this multi-player isometric engine from the ground up. The system can handle up to 1000 simultaneous users over the Internet, can provide basic terrain movement changes, and has a sophisticated path finding algorithm.

Bokyo in Showdown (from Arena student Ralph)

It is about showing up the dancing talents between the boy "Bokyo" and the human frog "Pokak" that eventually led them to fight who's the best and who's not.

Website Development


2D/3D CG Animation

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