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Breakfast Club with Trevor Bentley
Saturday, November 13, 2021
9:15 - 11:00 AM (PHT)

Trevor Bentley has been producing animation for over 25 years being an artist and EVP, where focus has been in development, high-end content production and business development for Atomic Cartoons. Together with four artists who worked in various studios around Vancouver, BC they formed the company way back 1999, starting with service jobs and their original IP Atomic Betty. Atomic has grown from the four original risk takers to a production over 800 personnel strong as an international studio with offices in Vancouver, Ottawa and Los Angeles


They expanded their offering from traditional 2D pre-production to full production across three pipelines, including distribution, licensing, and merchandising and so far produced award winning series, like Captain Flamingo (a Canada/Philippine co production) Counterfeit Cat (produced with ToonCity) and culturally celebrated series like Molly of Denali (produced with ToonCity).

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