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The ANI Club Membership Card is a special Loyalty Program of the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI) designed for frequent ANIMAHENASYON subscribers.


  1. 20% discount on ANIMAHENASYON Conferences

  2. ANIMAHENASYON promos & raffles

  3. 10% discount on ICON Manila

  4. 10% discount on Animation Fusion seminars/webinars

  5. Discount on Ynzal, MSI, and Wacom products

  6. Volunteer Opportunities






The Terms and Conditions stated herein provide for guidelines in the issuance, use, cancellation and renewal of the ANI Club Membership Card. You signify your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions upon submission of the requirements and signing of the ANI Club Membership Application and/or Renewal Form. Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly before applying.




  • Must be a resident of the Philippines.

  • Must be 18 years old and above. Parental consent is required for joining member whose age is between 12-17 years old.

  • With valid identification cards.

  • If renewing membership, consistency in good standing with no record of fraudulence.




1. Go to the ANIMAHENASYON website and go to AniClub page

2. Pay the Membership Fee and fill-out the ANI Club Membership Application Form.

Membership fees for Member Classification (Professional or Student) are as follows:

P500 for PROFESSIONALS (employed or self-employed)

P300 for STUDENTS (Senior High or College)

Pay/Deposit the exact amount of your membership fee to the GCash, Paymaya or BDO bank account (details below) at any BDO branch nationwide, or through online transfer via InstaPay or PESONet. Transaction fees apply. 

Bank Transfer via GCash or PayMaya.

Bank Name:                Banco De Oro (Savings Account)


Account Number:        00817-000-1884


3. Once payment is done, FILL OUT and UPLOAD the validated deposit slip/bank/wire transfer transaction in 

    the REGISTRATION FORM below to ensure that payments are allocated to the correct delegates/participants



    ACPI secretariat will send you a validated confirmation email for your registration and a scanned copy of the Official Receipt


4. Scan or photograph of any one (1) of the following valid IDs:

  • Passport

  • Driver’s License

  • SSS/GSIS/Unified ID

  • NBI Clearance

  • Voter’s ID

  • Company ID

  • Current School ID (and School Registration Form)




1. Card must be presented upon transaction and/or registration. No card, no points earned shall be strictly enforced.

2. The next membership renewal will be FREE of charge if you attend the ANIMAHENASYON Conference for three consecutive years.




1. Membership is valid for one (1) year from date of application. Membership must be renewed before expiration in order for members to continue enjoying the benefits of the ANI Club program.

2. The ANI Club Membership Card is not transferable and is valid for the use by the member whose name appears on the card.

3. A member is only allowed to have one (1) ANI Club Membership Card.

4. The information supplied by the member during application may be used for by ANI Club and ACPI for administrative and/or marketing purposes. ANI Club and ACPI shall endeavor to provide members with information regarding ANIMAHENASYON and other promotions and shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.

5. ANI Club and ACPI reserves the right all the times, without notice and its sole discretion:


  • To make any changes or whatsoever to these Terms and Conditions including the rules and guidelines.

  • To withdraw, cancel, withhold, substitute, deny access to or use of, or in any way change any of the rewards or privileges previously advertised or offered to any member, at any time, without prior notice, in this regard, ANI Club and ACPI shall not be liable to any loss or damage suffered by the member resulting from said withdrawal, cancellation, withholding, substitution, denial of access or use or change in the rewards or privileges previously advertised.

  • To terminate or revoke the membership card.

  • The Terms, Conditions, Rules and Guidelines cannot be superseded or changed except by ANI Club and ACPI.


6. The following acts are considered Breach of Terms and Conditions by a member:


  • Any fraudulent act which is likely to be detrimental to the interest of ANI Club and ACPI.

  • Any misinformation or misrepresentation made to ANI Club and ACPI.

  • Any act, in the careful and reasonable opinion of ANI Club and ACPI, tantamount to breach of these Terms and Conditions.

  • Breach of any of the Terms and Conditions whether intentional or otherwise may result in the termination of membership and cancellation of rewards or privileges, and shall affect its eligibility for future or further participation in any ANI Club and ACPI program. ANI Club and ACPI shall not be liable in any way for any earned or accrued rewards of a terminated card member.

  • ANI Club and ACPI will resolve all questions or disputes regarding eligibility for membership in the ANI Club and ACPI or eligibility for redemption of rewards or privileges at its sole discretion.

  • Failure of ANI Club and ACPI to enforce a particular Term, Condition, Rule or Guideline shall not constitute as waiver of ANI Club and ACPI of that Term, Condition, Rule or Guideline.

  • The member shall be personally liable for any and all costs, charges, claims or liabilities including duties, taxes and fees from third parties, government and non-government entities of whatever nature arising from the use of any privilege, as provided by ANI Club and ACPI and the redemption or use of any rewards or privileges.

  • Any loss, damage, injury and/or liability of whatever nature or cause that may be suffered upon by third parties or the member arising out of, or in connection with, maintenance and use of the ANI Club Membership Card shall be the sole responsibility of the member. In this connection, the member shall be solely liable and shall hold ANI Club or ACPI, or its affiliates free and harmless from any liability of whatever kind and nature arising from and occasioned by maintenance and use of the ANI Club Membership Card.

  • Rights and privileges will automatically be void upon the death of the member.




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