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Exciting news about LikhaSanay: Digital Animation and Game Development Masterclass!


We've extended our application deadline until April 19, 2024, with the Masterclasses and Culminating Event happening on May 20 to June 1, 2024!

Even better, we're now opening this opportunity to freelancers too! So if you're a seasoned Technical Lead, a prime candidate to be Technical Lead, or a talented Freelancer, this is your chance to enhance your skills in Digital Animation and Game Development, and learn from local and international trainers!

Don't miss out on this opportunity! APPLY NOW.

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Coffee Drawing Walk

Ayala Triangle Gardens

PubMat - Upskilling on Advanced 3D Animation (socmed).webp

Upskilling on advanced 3D Animation

10 weeks | Online Training


Free CU/IB Training

TOEI Animation Phils, Inc.

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