For the last 30 years, the Philippines has been a favorite outsourcing destination for animation. Countless international companies have trusted the handiworks of the Filipino animators, and we have not failed them. But when we begin asking ourselves, “What is our own brand of animation? What is the Filipino identity of animation?” We cannot give an immediate reply. We don’t even have a direct translation or an equivalent for the word “animation.”

Animahenasyon festival is an attempt to answer these questions. It is ACPI’s way of saying that the Philippines is not just about being an outsourcing destination for animation, but it can also be an excellent source of original content and high quality animation. 

Animahenasyon is an annual Filipino animation festival that features the different animation works of both aspiring and professional animators in the country through a competition. To further advocate continued learning and development on the arts and craft of animation, a series of symposium and interaction between international guest animators with local animators and students were conducted. Also part of the festival is the exhibit of the works of this year’s lifetime achievement awardee. 



Animahenasyon festival is the Filipino equivalent of animagination, as a result of combining the words “animation” and “imagination” (imahenasyon). It is also about the image (imahe) that we want to portray as a nation (nasyon) of animators to the world. But Animahenasyon is more than just a showcase of what the Filipino animators can do. It is really a harvest (ani) of the Filipino talent and creativity. It is a celebration of the Philippine animation industry. 



Animahenasyon festival serves as a venue for Filipino animators to present their world-class ideas, to open doors of opportunities, and a chance for them to meet and be inspired by the finest names in the industry. 

Specifically, Animahenasyon festival aims to: 

  • Develop the Philippine animation industry and promote its brand in the global animation scene; 

  • Provide access to locally produced animation content in markets here and abroad; 

  • Encourage potential talents to explore the career opportunities available in the industry and hone their skills through competition. 

  • Provide a venue for exchange among animators, producers, industry supporters, investors, stakeholders and other possible business networking, and matching opportunities; 

  • Address issues & concerns, discuss and set the direction for the development of the animation industry through international and business conferences forums; and 

  • Promote awareness on the history of the Philippine animation industry