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Qualifications of Trustees/Who may be nominated:

  1. The Trustee to be elected must be of legal age and the PRIMARY REPRESENTATIVE of a member in good standing. 

  2. Any member may nominate another member in good standing as a candidate for election as trustee.  Only one nomination for Industry and one nomination for Non-Industry per member is allowed.  No member may nominate its own Primary Representative as candidate. 

  3. A member shall be considered in good standing if it complies and continues to comply with all membership qualifications and requirements set by the Membership Committee. 

  4. The eligibility of the nominees shall be exclusively determined by the Election Committee. The Membership Committee shall provide the Election Committee with an updated list of members in good standing.

Nomination Procedure:

  1. Nomination Forms shall be distributed online/sent via email or e-group to all members by the Election Committee. 

  2. Only duly accepted ACPI members who have been a member for one year or more can nominate a candidate. 

  3. The Primary or, in his/her absence, the Secondary Representative of each duly accepted ACPI member company or institution may nominate only two (2) candidates (one from industry and one from non-industry sector). 

  4. All Nomination Forms must be submitted to the ACPI Secretariat (physically or online) on or before the set deadline (usually 20 days before the election day)

  5. The Committee / ACPI Secretariat will then communicate with each of the nominees so that they may confirm, in writing, whether or not they accept their nominations.

  6. Nominees should advise the Committee / ACPI Secretariat of their acceptance or non-acceptance of their nomination within five (5) working days from the deadline of filing for nominations.

  7. Failure to communicate one’s acceptance or non-acceptance shall be deemed a declaration of non- interest and shall be treated as non-acceptance of nomination.

  8. Nominees who accept their nominations should submit to the Committee within two (2) working days upon their acceptance of nomination the following: 

    • their picture and profile/write-up consisting of no more than 500 words

    • signed Acceptance of Nomination and Undertaking Form, together with the requested information 

  9. The Election Committee will announce the final list of nominees within three (3) working days after the last day of acceptance for nomination.

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